10 rules of success

I read an article today on Andrew Carnegie’s 10 rules of success, and I felt like sharing some insights with you on it.

This is not a Footstep, it’s an example of how I applied what he talked about. In other words my interpretation of his rules, and how I’ve used them in my thinking to achieve a measure of success most would describe as significant.

(The titles and text directly under them come from the article)

1. Define your purpose.
Create a plan of action and start working toward it immediately.

I spent about 3 months preparing my mind before I was in an appropriate state of mind to discover my purpose. Once there, then I focused 20 hours of continuous thought on the subject (not in one sitting) before I found it.

So I think the start working on it today, would apply to getting your mind right if it is not already there. However, once I had my purpose not a single day has gone by where I have not worked on it.

Sometimes by just thinking for 30 minutes ish, other times I’ve done virtually entire days working and thinking. But it is the one thing I have done continuously since I conceived the idea. So I have worked on it now daily for roughly 2,060 days continuously and done tens of thousands of hours…

Is it really any surprise that it’s become a success?

2. Create a “master-mind alliance.”
Contact and work with people “who have what you haven’t,” Hill says.

(I cover my mastermind alliance below and do it to show you how I built it and over what time.)

My master-mind alliance begun with just two other people, my wife Alison who I bounce all my ideas off. She is not an expert on business or investments but she has seen me do so many things that she has a good feel for when I’m going the right way and the wrong way. Also just the act of talking it through with her once or multiple times can often get things into the right order for me, even if she has no valuable insight.

My friend and business partner Phil. We had previously built a couple of successful businesses together. The first one when he worked for me as the manager which I sold. The second one which was in the same model as the one we do now, which was killed off when my previous interest in Real-Estate became the worlds least favourite subject, though before that happened it was hugely successful. So Phil’s always been there to bounce technical issues around with and match up funds with probabilities. There’s also the countless times where I’ve bounced ideas off him too.

Then in 2011 my friend Mark who I only met the previous year. Mark came from a high level corporate background and then had recently built and sold his own company. We hit it off straight away and I found his skills were a great help to me, and mine have been to him at times too. This year we entered a business relationship and his new company is building my new website.

Then in 2011 my friend Minesh who I’ve known since he was 17. He’s still a young guy in his 20’s and has a very strong mindset as well as a keen marketing eye. We’ve helped each other with various business ideas and solutions. Both our businesses are different but follow the same model.

Then in 2012 my friend and colleague Pete. We met in 2000 when he came to work for me as a manager. A few years later he became a business partner in another venture. Then we separated and he did his own thing. Then he came back from living abroad and I asked him if he’d help me out. I can bounce all sorts of ideas off him as we have done a lot of different things together, and have been triumphant in numerous battles together.

Then in 2013 my friend and business partner Tim. He’d previously been a customer of mine, then he became a business partner, then we separated and he’d gone to partner with Pete. In 2012 he’d read the Bug Free Mind books, and he became the person on my mastermind team that I’d felt was missing. This was someone who had read my work and had it help them, and also totally saw the potential of my vision and the work. With everyone else it was my business skills. Tim obviously has these but with Tim it was the potential of what I’d created. He has helped me formulate ideas, and tell me when I hadn’t explained things correctly.

I rarely work with all these guys together and often get additional counsel from a larger group of people. However, I’ll often discuss each idea with all people individually as it helps me to have multiple conversations on the subject and see how each of them thinks to the idea.

Since 2013 my business has grown exponentially, this is when the last part of my Master-Mind Alliance came into place. I cannot say for sure that this was the key, however, the alliance has given me a quantum leap in my ability to achieve things.

This team took me several years to build and I didn’t really look to build them. I spent time identifying problem areas in my mind and quipping little things like, ‘I’m weak in corporate experience, I really need to know someone I can trust with that set of skills.’ A few months later Mark showed up. All my team came to me from those sort of comments said in my thoughts.

3. Go the extra mile.
“Doing more than you have to do is the only thing that justifies raises or promotions, and puts people under an obligation to you,” writes Hill.

To me this is the same as sales in my own business. Doing more than I’ve said I’ll do is the only thing that justifies more sales and my mission being spread faster. So I always look to do more, as this way everyone wins, including me.

In the individual action I may lose out, however, when I combine all actions together I always win, and the wins keep getting bigger and bigger.

4. Practice “applied faith.”
Believe in yourself and your purpose so fully that you act with complete confidence.

As you know I don’t agree with the word believe. And I’m sure if I sat down with Mr Carnegie that after a 20 minute conversation with me, then he would be attempting to stop using the word believe too…However, ‘applied faith’ is perfect.

As far as I am concerned since the day I conceived my purpose I have acted purely from a state of faith in it working and certainty in it being of help to people. This feeling of certainty provided a bedrock foundation for the faith.

This meant I was able to always act with supreme confidence. So much so that confidence was not part of the equation, as you don’t need to think about something when it is always present.

5. Have personal initiative.
Do what you have to without being told.

This is the only rule that I feel didn’t need to be in the list. I think this was put here for people who are ‘trying’ to succeed.

I do not ‘try’ I am doing, and I will die doing it. So having personal initiative is a bit like stating the bleedin’ obvious. Another one to add in would be don’t close your eyes and keep them shut while driving a car. As if you don’t apply that rule, then you will die and will not achieve the success you seek… Obvious, and therefore irrelevant in my opinion.

6. Indulge your imagination.
Dare to think beyond what’s already been done.

I couldn’t agree more with this. I always look past what I am doing, and look past what’s already been done to stretch my imagination of what’s possible if I am prepared to take action and do it.

I use the achievements of others as a distance marker as to what has already been achieved. I always see that as what is obviously possible already, and what I can easily achieve too IF I am prepared to imitate what they did. To me there is no place for thinking I cannot do what another has done, as if I thought that then I’d be right.

I will only do something I want to do though, so I know this is a limitation my business has to work around, as this is my choice. I call it Success On My Terms… So I will only go somewhere if it suits me.

For example, I can’t be bothered to speak on my work (at least not now). I did several events and a world tour to get numerous things, but being away from home is not something I wish to do too much of, no matter how beneficial it is to my businessSOMT!

But getting back to the point…

I will see what’s already been proven as possible, work out how I can do it without leaving home, and then work out how I can achieve more than that while keeping to the rule of SOMT.

This indulgence in my imagination has led to more being created with thought alone than I even imagined was possible. This step alone when done for fun will probably do more for the advancement of your purpose than any amount of work that could be done in any number of lifetimes…

However, this is probably too much to ‘believe’ so I don’t expect anyone who has not yet achieved their dreams to agree with me here :-)

7. Exert enthusiasm. 
A positive attitude sets you up for success and wins the respect of others.

At first I was enthusiastic to my master mind alliance and students only. Then as the feedback came in from students I became more and more enthusiastic outwardly to people who had not read and not heard of my work.

In 2012 I shared properly what my mission was, to change the world one mind at a time as it is the only way to bring about true change in people. I must help a person change, from that person the message spreads if I can help them. Therefore my work must always be largely focused on helping that person.

This focus of attention on helping people get through problems as varied in amazing ways, such as, how to get better exam grades, to coping with the loss of a parent who was murdered, to solving PTSD in soldiers and others. These countless interactions have meant I’ve grown my skills and keep growing them daily.

It’s not that I have to exert enthusiasm, in truth I play it down most of the time to new people I meet. But what happens is the enthusiasm pours out of me, so it looks like I’m exerting enthusiasm, but really it’s a by-product of my work. I actually work on controlling my enthusiasm :-)

8. Think accurately.
In Hill’s words, accurate thinking is “the ability to separate facts from fiction and to use those pertinent to your own concerns or problems.”

Well you already know what I think about accurate thinking. I covered it in this Footstep. However, I will say this, without accurate thinking I do no think there is a way you will create the success you seek.

I know without accurate thinking you will not maintain the success you seek.

Accurate thinking is what the whole Bug Free Mind Process is about. Which is why I can exert so much enthusiasm when it comes to selling it to potential students.

9. Concentrate your effort.
Don’t become distracted from the most important task you are currently facing.

Discovering my purpose meant that concentrating my effort became easy. However, there are the inevitable distractions from opportunities that I felt often were almost too good to be missed.

What I did when these opportunities happened was slow right down and just considered the implications of taking this opportunity. I also considered the opportunity cost of removing effort from my primary focus.

What this enabled me to do was forgo should term gain for long term results and higher potential gains. This action of slowing down may have cost me time and progress when I did it, but it enabled me to make slow thought through and accurate decisions.

So the short term loss has been replaced with massive long term gain by continuing with concentrated effort in one primary direction.

Have I also done other things along the way, of course. I’m an investor so I like accumulationg income producing assets. However, I also have focused on removing day to day tasks wherever possible.

Usually my dream team are helpful enough to take things away from me that can be done by others. Meaning I can concentrate more effort on the primary work that produces the biggest long term gain for all.

10. Profit from adversity.
Remember that “there is an equivalent benefit for every setback,” Hill writes.

When something goes wrong I am grateful for the lessons it’s given me. Those lessons have led me to countless profits. Often I have just profited by not going the wrong way on similar occasions.

But when something goes wrong for you it often goes wrong for others too. In which case there’s a way to help people hidden in the lesson, so it is an opportunity to see if there’s a way to profit from it. Profit is not just about money!

For example, earlier this week I attended a driving course which was offered to me instead of getting points on my licence for a driving offence. All of the other people I spoke with at the event were annoyed at being forced to take the course as the least worst option.

I knew that I would get benefit from the course, by the way of maybe improving my driving ability. I also knew that I’d learn from how they taught the course, and be able to take something from it that I can either share or consider. I also knew it was going to be a lovely day to take a drive out.

The day was sunny and I had a leisurely drive there and back. I learnt things about the highway code I didn’t know. I learnt things about my driving I hadn’t noticed, I learnt things about the way I was being taught which will help me teach. I learnt things about psychology in driving that relates to the success psychology I teach. I learnt more about how the herd think wrongly.

This adversity turned out to be something very profitable in terms of knowledge, prevention and more which I am yet to unravel from the lessons it gave me to consider.

One conclusion I drew from the course was that everyone should go on the course, but choose to go there. However, that’s not likely to happen as everyone already knows they are a reasonably good driver and definitely doesn’t need a course to help them get better and avoid accidents…

So I’d found another place where I was sitting on the side of the majority so it has given me an opportunity to pause and reflect.


What you may notice from Andrew Carnegie’s 10 rules of success is that they are not so much points to follow, but a way of living that produces a result.

The end outcome is not fixed, as we can always be open to a greater manifestation, but what is not fixed is the process.

If we focus on the process, and find ways to measure the process then we will find we put more into the key areas which will produce the by-product of the success we seek.

What I suggest you do is read this again and make notes, what are you doing right, what are you either doing wrong or not yet doing. Then just think about them. What must you act on today that will one day get you where you desire to go.

Wherever you apply your dominant thought the situation will improve IF you think accurately about it.

Have a great day,

Best wishes,


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  1. aLADEGOKE DELE says:

    Is a wonderful rules to apply on one’s daily life to achieve the desire goal that one seek. Is one of the best of Andy.

  2. Joseph Mwaura says:

    Dear Andy,

    Many thanks for the article. I need to practice this!

  3. rhabin says:

    I got to say thank man. In honesty I’ve been getting my purpose together and what i needed to be successful and with all this information I can see myself getting there. I really appreciate it all. Looking forward for more of these valuables.

  4. Emmanuel O. says:

    A reminder that I got to get back to finishing the Creating A Bug Free Mind.
    I got distracted by pressing financial challenges and other negatives.
    Reading this is getting me back on track

    Thank you

  5. Excellent information. It will help any one who follows it immensely, but the shortcut to follow it more easily is knowing and experiencing who you really are and what your soul purpose is.

    Self- knowledge is awesome, but experiencing self-knowledge is way more awesome. I spent 45 years exploring meditations to discover and experience that Reality, but none of them really did it for me. So I took pieces from many disciplines and used my own creativity to create an experience that can quickly bring one into the amazing miracle zone. You are invited to experience and support this world-changing invitation:


  6. SelinaMugodi says:

    Thanks and yes it sends me thinking, somethings need to change, my thinking about me and a lot more. To let my thinkg engine out of the way otherwise I can never do anything

  7. Terry says:

    Thanks Andy. Great post, something we need to continue to remind ourselves. I am doing many of the things you mentioned but missing a couple I need to brush up on.

  8. P.V.SATHI says:

    Andy You are a Great. Wonderful “Planet Mindset” to Share your Hard Earned Effort to
    Uplift Humanity. Continue Your Journey. God be With You!

  9. Mnqobi Victor says:

    Well…its all good advices. I believe will be really helpful for great success, to be honestly. For my opinion, I’ll recommend then to be applied indeed. I’ll really take all of them to practise, in a higher grade to reality of applications, for far & further use for my brighter future as concerned. The ideas are brilliant to be applied in a sensational gratitude, & I believe they can be really helpful for incredible success.

  10. Dianne says:

    Thank you – I am imbuing these teachings so that they become my default programming and every new way of looking at the little things that crop up and your sharing of these is most helpful .

  11. Very good content Andy, I just loved it !!!!! very well articulated paragraph

  12. dev paul says:


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